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Interplanetary Internet - Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) Edit

Here is a list of resources for DTN projects:

Technical explaination:[1]

Presentation delivered by Scott to Citizen Inventor :

JPL's version of DTN gateway software (last updated, July, 2013) can be downloaded here: 

DTNRG's version (DTN2-- last updated June, 2012) can be downloaded here: 

Note there will be an IPN event at Google HQ in January, 2014 with livestream at - the latest agenda is as follows:

Vint Cerf, Google VP/Internet Pioneer

Welcoming remarks, The History & Future of IPN, a key enabling space technology innovation


Suzanne Davidson, the Boeing Corporation

DTN deployments on the International Space Station

Michael Cassidy, Project Loon Pgm Mgr.

What's going on at Google X Lab? Project Loon & More

Paco Ragageles, Founder Campus Party

Campus Party: fostering space technology innovations amongst the world's youth

Maria Uden, Lulea Technical Univ.

Terrestrial uses for space technology: tracking reindeer in Iceland & other uses for DTN

Scott Burleigh NASA/JPL

Ring Road; CubeSats + DTN-- a proposed architecture for network services in remote regions.

Dr. Fred  Mednick, Founder, TwB

Teachers without Borders as a prime use case for Ring Road

Chris Carberry, Exec. Director, Explore Mars, Inc.

Explore Mars, Inc. Mission & Announcing Explore Mars, Inc. CubeSat competition

David Brin, physicist, science fiction author

A SciFi Author's take on space technology innovations in the near and distant future


For more details, check out IPNSIG's website:


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