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Who/What is Citizen Inventor?

Citizen Inventor is a collaborative environment for pushing the boundary of citizen science and engineering. 

Curiosity is the only thing you need.

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We share information and are hands on (workshops) on projects in space and environmental hacking and keeping an eye on updates in the related industry and technology. But we are not exclusively that, if you have any projects in science and engineering (e.g. brain computer interfaces) beyond space and environment, get in touch! You could showcase your project by submitting it on our website and/or get in touch and come forward and present to the community - it can be a 5 minute lightening talk, there's nothing too small to share.

We also maintain a list of scientific open data set available, in line with our goal to make science/engineering more accessible for hackers/makers/developers/... If you know some that is not already there, help the community, send us a tip (contactme at citizen inventor dot com)!

We are open. Open to projects, ideas, events, sponsors etc, just get in touch.


Please update this wiki with the following resources that you know as we are community led - without your contribution, we are no community! If you are not sure how, you can tweet the resource to @citizeninventor or email contactme at citizeninventor dotcom.

Open Data

Under this topic we list all sources of open data that could be useful to citizen scientist. Resources with restriction, e.g. country, should be clearly labelled as such.

Work Spaces

Under this topic we list all workspaces that citizen scientist all over the world could use as project workspace - where we can use for workshop or for our members to co-work in. It might not necessarily be a free space but it will clearly list what type of facility it is.

Project Resources

Got a project idea that you'd like to share or call for participation? Submit it here . Still thinking about it or just wanted to share some background reading? Go to Project Resources area to share the knowledge expand the idea there!

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