Overview Edit

Under this topic we list all workspaces that citizen scientist all over the world could use as project workspace - where we can use for workshop or for our members to co-work in. It might not necessarily be a free space but it will clearly list what type of facility it is.

If you know of workspaces that we can use for workshop or for our members to co-work in, update this wiki - if you are not sure how, you can tweet the resource to @citizeninventor or email contactme at citizeninventor dotcom.

Workshop SpacesEdit is an extensive list of a lot of hackspaces but the list below catches all the co-working spaces and other varieties of hands on/ workshop type spaces like fab lab, maker spaces etc. 

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Categories Cost Share Facilities Website/Contact Town Country
London Hackspace workshop, hot desks Membership Lazer cutter, ?‎ London, Hackney Road UK
Brixton Tinkerspace workshop ? ? London, Brixton UK
Building Bloqs workshop, hot desks Membership ? London, Enfield UK
Google Campus hot desks, paid desks Free, Membership ? London, Shoreditch UK
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